The New Volvo XC40 Is Ready for Adventures in the City or Countryside

The compact SUV and crossover class of vehicles seems to be a category that won't ever stop adding models or growing in popularity. While every year brings a new crossover option, the Volvo XC40 has already established itself as the favorite luxury compact SUV of many Boston drivers. Sporty yet with plenty of passenger and cargo room, the new Volvo XC40 provides the best of both worlds so that drivers can use one vehicle for all sorts of trips, from beach days to commutes to moving day with a trailer. Find out all about the new Volvo XC40 in Allston below!

A Versatile Design

Compact SUVs are two-row vehicles that keep the exterior length, width, and height lower than what you'd get with other SUVs while still maintaining a spacious cabin that's easy to use. This mix of a sleek exterior perfect for cities like Boston with a functional cabin for road trips is an area where the new Volvo XC40 excels. Passengers get to enjoy room to stretch their arms and legs as well as storage for bags or other gear you need, and the rear row folds down without a hassle if you need to use all the area behind the driver for storage. Plus, there are roof rails for skis, boards, and more!

Rugged Performance

Compact SUVs are also outstanding options for those drivers looking to explore and experience the nature of New England, and again, the new Volvo XC40 is especially impressive in this regard. Its all-wheel drive is constantly monitoring speed, torque, and brakes so that it's sending power to the right wheels and not ones with low traction. This helps in the winter as well as the summer when on trails of dirt or loose rocks. Of course, the powertrains and engineering of the Volvo XC40 also make city driving a joy as potholes are less noticeable and Start/Stop tech reduces emissions from your vehicle when in stop-and-go traffic, which is all too common in Boston.



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A Safe Design and Features

Part of the athletic performance you'll get when operating a new Volvo XC40 comes from weight-saving measures that allow the horsepower and torque to shine more easily, but the safety cage still uses high-strength steel. This steel spreads out force in a collision while other aspects in the doors and panels absorb more of that force so that passengers aren't. Those aspects should make you feel better about your safety in a crash, but the Volvo XC40 has warning systems that may be what keeps an accident from occurring. There are lane keeping aids, blind spot monitors, and automatic brakes that warn or act for you to reduce the force of crash if not avoiding it altogether.

Other Innovative Technologies

The freshness of the new Volvo XC40 means that it's a compact SUV with all sorts of features you probably don't have in your current car. Its rear-view camera looks 360 degrees around the car so that you can see how close you actually are to objects, and you can monitor that on the 9-inch touchscreen in the dash. That display includes compatibility with iPhones and Android devices so that you can make calls as well as use entertainment and navigation apps. Other modern features of the Volvo XC40 range from a hands-free open tailgate to wireless phone charging to a Wi-Fi hotspot that travels with you!

See Our New Volvo XC40 Deals in Person at Our Allston Dealership

The Volvo XC40 brings the style, performance, and smarts Boston car shoppers expect from the Swedish brand to the luxury compact SUV class, and it's all to the benefit of drivers. If our overview of the newest Volvo model has you excited, seeing it in person is the next step, so stop in at our showroom to see how the Volvo XC40 exceeds all expectations!


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